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About Us

Telling the story of Familia Fernández Rivera means travelling back to 1972, the year that witnessed the birth of the brand and the iconic winery of the Ribera del Duero, Tinto Pesquera, a pioneer in the production methods of the Tempranillo grape and promoter of the Ribera del Duero Designation of Origin.

Familia Fernández Rivera encompasses the wineries Tinto Pesquera (Pesquera de Duero, Valladolid), Condado de Haza (Roa, Burgos), El Vínculo (Campo de Criptana, Ciudad Real) and Dehesa La Granja (Vadillo de la Guareña, Zamora). Additionally, Familia Fernández Rivera also has Hotel AF Pesquera, located in Peñafiel, a beautiful resort that is welcoming, relaxed, and with a touch of modernity that is perfect for enjoying the hospitality that characterises Familia Fernández Rivera.

A family group that works each day to remain as a benchmark in the Spanish and international wine sector, committing to innovation and always looking to the future, while maintaining their original essence and passion for craftsmanship.

The origins of Familia Fernández Rivera date back five decades and today it is led by the two generations following its founders: Lucía Fernández Rivera, Olga Fernández Rivera and María Cruz Fernández Rivera, the daughters of Alejandro Fernández and Esperanza Rivera, and by the granddaughters Inés and Elvira Bocos Fernández, and Lucía and Ángela Pascual Fernández, who work tirelessly to offer the world top quality wines.

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